Coaching offers powerful tools to assist us in a thorough exploration of ourselves and our challenges, promoting the healing process in all its aspects - physical, emotional and spiritual.

With the coach's gentle support, we can come to understand the message behind the challenges we face, healing the emotions involved. Even the toughest challenge can be embraced when there is the knowledge that it has a purpose, that it comes as a gift - an opportunity to learn more about the emotions that underlie habitual reactive patterns. We can explore new ways of responding, freed from previous limitations, and learn to take responsibility for every thought, action and feeling. This allows for more conscious living, with intellect and emotion aligned.

Personal development begins with the individual and echoes outwards, as all we do impacts on those around us. We often feel drawn to share our gifts with the community, as we come to value our connection with the whole - and to discover the deep joy of giving.

How the process unfolds: We start by focussing on the processing of challenges - though, as the journey of self-exploration is never-ending, clients will touch on their challenges throughout the sessions. The next step is the exploration of our unique potential: using a variety of creative methods, clients examine their values, passions, relationships and every other aspect of their lives. The process of self-discovery penetrates deeply, and cannot be forced or hurried. As we gain more knowledge, we can begin to take practical steps to align our daily actions to our personal purpose and vision.

What to expect at a coaching session: Each session lasts approximately an hour and a half. The role of the coach is to question and prompt the client to explore different aspects of her life. Simple exercises may be included in a session, including work with music. Sarah has trained in Short Music Journey work, a method that incorporates music with guided imagery. Between coaching sessions, clients may have 'homework' to complete - creative artwork, journal writing with specific focuses, reading literature, or exploring nature.

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